Information in accordance with § 5 TMG:
Karlmax Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Bülowstraße 66
10783 Berlin

Commercial register number HRA 47765
Register court Berlin-Charlottenburg

Full liability:
Karlmax Berlin Verwaltungs-GmbH
Head office: Berlin
Commercial register number HRB 146155
Register court: Berlin-Charlottenburg
Managing director: Karl Szwillus

Data safety

Quanto affirms that the data entered including personal customer data are only saved and edited in the customer's device and Quanto does not have any access to these data.

Limitation of liability

The computer results, data and forecasts generated by the Quanto app are based on carefully researched information and calculation formulae. Regardless, Quanto's publisher, Karlmarx-Berlin GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter Quanto), shall not assume any guarantee for the correctness of the information, images and calculations. Quanto explicitly states that the information provided and calculated data and forecats are not a call for purchase, sale or renting or leasing of real properties. Quanto shall not assume any responsibility for financial decisions taken on the basis of images and calculations done while using the Quanto app. The images and calculations in the Quanto app is only indicative information and cannot replace a professional advice from a tax consultant, lawyer and other professional and technical experts in any way. Consultation with these professionals must always be done before purchasing, selling, renting or leasing real properties.

We are not liable in any way for direct, indirect or special damages and shall not assume any damage compensation or compensation for subsequent damages resulting from your use of the application. The same is applicable to loss in profit or similar, regardless of the deliberation of the parties, with respect to contractual breach, illegal conduct (including negligence), product liability or similar. We are not responsible for damages or changes to your device, including computer hardware, hand-helds or mobile phones caused by the installation or use of the application. These app terms do not preclude the liability for fatality and injury caused by negligence, cheating or conscious incorrect inputs. This also also applicable to any other liability that cannot be precluded or limited according to the law in force.

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